Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is an area in the south of Bali.

Fact File


LanguageIndonesian, Balinese

ClimateYou can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year around with two main distinctive seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season. The best time to visit is April, May, June and September, just before and just after high season. It’s still dry season and it is slightly less humid. October is not too bad either, usually still much less rain than in November. Bali’s central mountains (volcanoes) include several peaks over 3,000 metres in elevation. Up here, the temperatures are considerably cooler, and there is much more rainfall than in the coastal areas.

CurrencyRupiah (RP)

VisaIrish citizens travelling to Bali for tourism purposes can enter the country without a visa for up to 30 days.

HealthThere are no essential vaccines for entry to Bali from Western Europe. However for your personal protection travellers are recommended to consider vaccination cover against a number of diseases. Travellers planning a more rural or extensive trip may need to consider taking cover against diseases like Hepatitis B, Japanese B Encephalitis, Rabies. Malaria transmission occurs throughout Indonesia all year but the risk in Bali is so low that prophylaxis is not generally recommended for most tourists. Nevertheless for those visiting Lombok (overnight visits) the risk exists and so adequate prophylaxis and insect repellents should be used.

PassportsMake sure that your passport is valid for a minimum of six months after the conclusion of any trip to Bali.

Time ZoneGMT +8 hours