A vast archipelago consisting of over 7000 islands, Japan offers a multitude of varied and contrasting destinations for visitors to explore.   Four main islands form the most frequented and known areas of Japan, and are home to most of the Japanese population. 

The islands Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku make up 97% of the country's land area.   The main island of Honshu is home to Japan's key destinations, while the other three islands offer varied landscapes and environments for tourists to explore. These include world class skiing areas in Hokkaido, unknown beaches on Okinawa and an island chain that stretches over one thousand kilometers from Kyushu to Taiwan.

Most classic itineraries to Japan will explore the highlights of its cosmopolitan capital, Tokyo, the beauty of the infamously shy Mt Fuji, the flourishing city of Hiroshima and the veritable melting pot of UNESCO world heritage sites.   Take some time to visit Takayama, it’s a charming destination with a unique culture located high up in the Japanese Alps, definitely worth including in any tour.


Fact File



ClimateJapan boasts four distinct seasons in line with the Western Hemisphere. From March to April the climate is pleasantly warm with limited rainfall. From June to August, the heat and humidity of summer hits, and temperatures can reach 40 degrees centigrade. With the temperature cooling from September, autumn becomes a very pleasant time of year to visit Japan. With winter come superb skiing opportunities and the chance to try out many of the Onsens (hot springs).


VisaNot required for Irish Nationals for stays not exceeding 90 days

HealthNo vaccinations are required except for yellow fever if you are coming from an area where the disease is present.

PassportsShould be valid for more than six months after date of departure from Japan.

Time ZoneGMT + 9