Discover The Maldives

Discover The Maldives!

The Maldives are situated South West of Sri Lanka, on the equator. The numerous coral reef islands, 1,190 in total, form an archipelago of 26 natural atolls (groups of neighbouring coral islands). These 26 atolls are organised into 19 administrative atolls with the capital island of Male’ established as an entity of its own forming the twentieth division. Seen from air, the atolls and the islands form breathtakingly beautiful patterns against the blue depths of the Indian Ocean.

The country stretches 823 km north to south and 130 km east to west. Out of the incredibly large number of islands only 200 islands are inhabited, with several islands adapted as exclusive resort islands. Most of the islands can be walked across in ten minutes; only a few are longer than two kilometres. Although most other islands are smaller, one feels no sense of brevity as the merging of beaches, crystal waters and crisp blue skies create an infinite vastness - a natural openness that is rare and a peacefulness that is always welcome.




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