Aqaba is a coastal town in the far south of Jordan. With its wealth of other attractions, this splendid Red Sea resort is often overlooked by modern-day visitors. But apart from being a delightful place for discerning holidaymakers, this is actually a great base from which to explore various places of interest in southern Jordan.

Aqaba is a fun place. It is a microcosm of all the good things Jordan has to offer, including a fascinating history with some outstanding sites, excellent hotels and activities, superb visitor facilities, good shopping, and welcoming, friendly people, who enjoy nothing more than making sure their visitors have a good time.

Aqaba’s greatest asset is the Red Sea itself. Here you can experience some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world. The temperate climate and gentle water currents have created a perfect environment for the growth of corals and a teeming plethora of marine life.

Fact File


LanguageArabic and English

ClimateThe Jordan Valley and the area around Aqaba is warm during winter (January-February) with chilly evenings, and extremely hot in summer (June-August). In the Eastern Desert, the winter can be bitterly cold and dry and the summer intensely hot. The central spine of hills can receive snowfall in winter and is cool in the evenings in summer. Rain falls between November and March

CurrencyJordanian Dinar

VisaNo visa is required for Irish passport holders

HealthRecommended vaccinations for Poliomyelitis, Tetanus, Typhoid, Hepatitis A

PassportsPassports should be valid for at least six months after proposed date of departure from Jordan

Time ZoneGMT + 2 (Oct-Mar) / GMT +3 (Apr-Sep)