5* River Cruising

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5* River Cruising

For over one thousand years, the great rivers of Europe - the Seine, the Rhine, the Danube and more - have been the travel and trade routes of choice.

To this day, great castles, magnificent cathedrals, and elegant cities tempt travelers to step ashore from river cruises. Stroll the picturesque villages of Bordeaux and Burgundy, glory in the tulip fields of Holland, and explore the great museums and palaces of the Russian Czars.

Wherever rivers lead, this cruising programme will allow you to enjoy the best of Europe from a delightful and unique perspective.

All inclusive river cruises include the following:

- Seven nights cruise on new ships

- All meals on board

- Gala dinner

- Unlimited wine & beer with dinner

- Luxurious cabins

- Welcome drinks

- Daily sightseeing programme

- Shore excursions included in the price

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