Khao Sok Discovery

Khao Sok Itinerary

Day 1:

You will be collected at the hotel in the morning to leave Phuket with your guide.  When the bus crosses Sarasin Bridge to Phang Nga Province, you will experience the lifestyle of the local communities. Take a short break for a cup of coffee while enjoying beautiful scenery at Khao Lak.  You will then travel to Suratthani where the evergreen forest of Khoa Sok National Park is located. While on the mountainous route, you will see the self-sufficiency lifestyle of the local people.  Upon arriving at Khao Sok you will enjoy elephant trekking that will lead you to the rain forest.  You will then travel to  Khao Sok Discovery Camp where you will enjoy a Thai lunch. After lunch you will canoe through Khao Sok River.

After canoeing, you will be taken to your accommodation, in the form of luxury tents at a wonderful mountain location. Watch the sun rise and set over the mountains and enjoy a fresh and relaxing atmosphere every morning.

Day 2:

After breakfast, trek through a tropical forest to the waterfalls and experience the local nature. Then, after collecting your luggage and checking out, you will be taken to “Guilin of Thailand” or Ratchaprapa Dam.  The way from Khao Sok Discovery Camp to Ratchaprapa Dam is a route passing through small villages and you can experience the peaceful lifestyle, nature, and mountain views. Then move on by long-tailed boat to the floating bamboo house. 

After dinner, enjoy another adventure by watching the animals in the dark night with the dimmed light from torches and the stars above; you will see various kinds of animals drinking water or seeking food.

Day 3:

After breakfast, enjoy bamboo rafting.  Your destination is the caves of “Tham Nam Talu” and “Ha Roi Rai”.  Inside the caves you will see stalagmites, stalagtites and hear the bats in the darkness.  When you leave the cave, see the beautiful scenery of Ratchaprapa Dam (Cheow Lan Lake).  After lunch it is time to leave and take the minibus to Phuket.

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