Bali - Journey of the Soul

Experience a part of Bali that fewer than 0.5% of visitors have seen. This is an exclusive full-day tour through seven heritage temples and monuments that trace the creation of the Balinese Hindu Religion “Hindu Dharma” from the 8th to the 12th century, where three religions finally became one.
This tour is ideal for those who are interested in the history and culture of a unique island and its people and love to go where few others have travelled.
Bali is unique in many ways but none more so than its religion. 80% of Balinese are practicing a form of Hinduism unique to this island. Bali Hinduism has its roots in the Majapahit Empire (12th century) and similarities between Balinese Hinduism and the traditional practice of Hinduism in India and many other parts of the world.
Your journey through seven temples of enlightenment will take you back to the very beginning as we trace the evolutions, the temples and meditation places that are seldom frequented by locals let alone visitors. This is a very special opportunity to be one of the first visitors to touch and help preserve part of the Pakerisan world heritage listed area, an important part of a unique culture history.
Our day begins with a short lecture at the private house of Bapak Enong Ismail, the curator of the Sukarno’s Museum and the leading expert on the recently world heritage listed Pakerisan river area and its ancient temples and monuments. His simple house sits amongst the rice field on a ridge to the sacred river of Pakerisan; it’s a beautiful place to start our day. Enong’s life passion is to give back to the country that he loves and through his look documenting the Balinese culture since 1979, he now would like to share his findings to help preserve the temples and monuments you will visit for future generations to enjoy.
However, modern day Bali Hinduism evolved over centuries and is a mixture of Buddhism, Hinduism and the influences of the Javanese empire. Your tour of the 7 Temples to Enlightenment will help you trace the development of this unique blend of religion by taking you to ancient temples that help show this evolution.
Go back through time as your experienced guides will walk you through Temples rarely seen by tourists. These temples, while perhaps not being the most decorative, have played a significant role in the development of present-day Balinese culture, and for those who enjoy history and culture, this is a ‘must do’ tour while you are on the island.

In the afternoon, we will make our way to an ancient meditation site hidden in the rainforest and carved out of the stone walls basically untouched since the 10th century. Here we will be met by a local priest who will conduct a blessing ceremony for us to wish you luck on your onward journey in life. The day finishes in a large temple, where in the 12th century the leaders of the Buddhist, Hindu Shiva and “Respect your ancestor” religion met and agreed to create one religion for all: Hindu Dharma or Balinese Hindu.
Package price per person in Euro 290
Valid: Immediately through 31 October 2014

Transportation ~ Experienced local guides ~ Lunch in the rice field ~ Refreshment in the Car ~ Coffee break ~
Proper Temple attire ~ Blessing ceremony ~ CD Image of your trip ~ Donation that goes directly to the village
and restoration of the temples (tips are not included and very much appreciated).

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